The robbers, according to a student of the school who gave her name as Regina, attacked students in their hostel at about 12 midnight and carted away laptops, phones and money and after the robbery, one of the hoodlums fell into an open well while trying to escape with their loot.

“They were many that came around 12 midnight. They robbed all the students in the Okuku hostel. They stabbed one student, broke the head of another with a stick before escaping with phones, laptops and other valuables,” She told Vanguard on phone.

She said the well was used by students to fetch water to bathe and wash clothes and has no cover.

“Nobody knew that one of the robbers fell into the well until dawn when students went to fetch water and saw the man inside dead. They raised alarm and the community people came and took him out and was identified as one of the robbers and some people said his name is Bob Jay from Mbube, a neigbouring village”

She said the police were alerted and they came and took the body away.

She said no other gang members identified yet since the robbers phone fished out of his picket is blur.