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Evil people plotting attack against me in 2024 – Fr. Mbaka



Evil people plotting attack against me in 2024 - Fr. Mbaka
• Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka

Outspoken Catholic Priest, Father Ejike Mbaka, has alleged that there was a plot by “evil people” to launch attacks against him in the year 2024.

Father Mbaka raised the alarm while delivering his cross over night message for the year 2023 on Monday at the Adoration Ground, Enugu.

The cleric said God revealed to him that the attacks against him this New Year would be strong.

He did not, however, mention names of the “evil people”.

“The Lord demands that all of you should back Father Mbaka with prayers because of the level of attack that is coming to me in 2024. I need your prayer back-up,” he told thousands of his followers in a mixture of Igbo and English languages.

Father Mbaka, who is the spiritual director of the ministry, said he had thought that he would not witness any attacks this year, but that God told him that some wicked people were planning evil against him.

“So please, I am the Mbaka. Pray for me. I do not know the evil people that the Holy Spirit was telling me about, but God knows them. He (Holy Spirit) told me that the evil people are harbouring grievances against me. He said the evil people had vowed not to rest until they deal with me,” he stated.

This is not the first time Father Mbaka would be raising such an alarm.


In his New Year message on 1 January 2022, the cleric had alleged that there was a plot to kill him after his row with the Catholic Diocese of Enugu in May 2021.

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The row began when Father Mbaka, who was a staunch supporter of the then Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, in a surprise move, criticised the then president, asking him to resign or be impeached for “bad governance”.

The presidency responded with an accusation that the priest was angry because his request for government contracts was rebuffed.

The exchange was the last straw for the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Callistus Onaga who had repeatedly cautioned Father Mbaka against meddling in politics.

Bishop Onaga, consequently, shut down the Adoration Ministry for one month before the issue was later resolved with Father Mbaka later apologising to the bishop and other Catholic faithful of the diocese.

The outspoken priest is known for his frequent criticism of government officials and politicians across Nigeria in the past, even during the military regime.

Father Mbaka had in June 2022, prophesied that Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate would not win the 2023 presidential election because he was a “stingy man.”

Many Nigerians, including the Catholic Diocese of Enugu, criticised him over “the prophetic declaration” on the LP candidate.


As part of a disciplinary measure against him for the scathing remark against the LP candidate, the leadership of the diocese, in October that year, directed Father Mbaka to step down as the spiritual director of his Adoration Ministry in Enugu, and proceed to a monastery in Los Angeles, United States.

The cleric later apologised to the LP candidate and his supporters, saying his intent was not to malign him.

Bishop Onaga later banned church members from attending services at the Adoration Ministry, following the controversial prophecy.

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The ban was lifted, three months after. The church then asked Father Mbaka to step down and embark on a “solitary journey” to the monastery.

The cleric only returned to Nigeria from the US in January 2023 and resumed activities at the ministry



Kumuyi charges Christians to use offerings to feed the poor, unemployed




Doctor William Folohunso Kumuyi, General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, has advised Christians not to give their contributions to the church but rather to the destitute and unemployed in their community.

Kumuyi, who made the statement in a viral video, was heard urging his church audience that Christians should not spend all of their money on church construction but rather aid their needy neighbours who cannot buy basic necessities.

Kumuyi recounted how a preacher directed his congregation to donate money to the destitute and unemployed in their community.

Kumuyi stated that when building the church, Christians should remember their neighbours who are dying of famine.

He said, “Look at all this offering we’re collecting; this church has silver and gold. I learned of a preacher somewhere who was having their church service. And he said, Now we’re going to collect the offering. If you have 10,000, N20,000, or N50,000, raise your hand, and they will be faithful.

“Then he stood up and said that N10,000, 20,000, and N50,000 go to the poor in your community. All the offering is not just church; there are poor, unemployed people around. There are indigent people around. We will build ours, but while you’re building, your neighbours are dying.

“Your neighbour, who does not have anything, your sisters, and your brother have nothing to send their children to school. We built DLICC (Deeper Life International Conference Centre) with all the offerings we could build. And we can now be at ease and allow our members to die of hunger and to be destroyed because they have nothing and we have the money.

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“And what if this church, like we used to do in the olden days, in the good old days, reserved some amount of money for charity? We allocate some amount of money for building DLICC and the district church, and the people we’re building for are dying of hunger, malnutrition, and starvation.


“Let’s budget part of the money—millions of our currency—to take care of the people. Which one comes first when your house is leaking and your mother is dying? How will you spend it—mending the leaking room or taking care of your mother?

“We should give priority to members of our church, even those who are not members. We know them, and we can contact them.

“We should not spend all our money on the building of a church that will not be raptured when Christ comes, because Christ is coming,” Kumuyi noted.

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Adeboye under fire over ‘others will bow to RCCG’ prayer point



Adeboye under fire over ‘others will bow to RCCG’ prayer point
 •RCCG General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Senior Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Pastor Enoch Adeboye has triggered reactions after praying for his members in a certain way.

In the trending clip, the cleric was heard passionately praying for his church members, declaring Christians from other churches will bow to them.

“I decree in the name that is above every other name, Christians from other denominations will bow before you,” he said.

His prayer point didn’t sit right with many as netizens took to social media to express disgust and indignation.

One I Am Sp3ncer wrote: “Age is beginning to take over slowly. They say when they’re old, they start talking like kids again. So it’s true. Pls don’t blame him and stop dragging him ejoo

One Wendy Adanma stated: “It’s time he retires because wetin be this.”

One Rehkie said: “Seems like this pastor doesn’t think before he talks.”

One Dr Buchi wrote: “Religion is gradually exposing itself to be a scam.”


One I Am Murie declared: “I don’t like this prayer point but I can’t condemn such a great man of God.”

One Dinzzy wrote: “Religion is part of our problem in this country.”

One Gallar stated: “Even this prayer get as e be but if we really check am “RCCG” is the biggest church in Nigeria and has the largest congregation

One Effe Deborah argued: “Might be that he has dementia. He really needs to retire”.

The Nation

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Why African clergymen said ‘no’ to Pope



Why African clergymen said ‘no’ to Pope
• Pope Francis

By Tajudeen Adigun

It was a revolt of people who had been earlier indoctrinated by the white missionaries to embrace Christianity, belief in God, and persuaded to drop their idolatrous ways of life. The white man’s evangelism hit the bull’s eye as Africans took the white missionaries’ message of God and Christianity hook, line, and sinker. It was wholesomely swallowed, changing and rejecting the perception, belief, and everything that they had earlier believed. The new ways and beliefs brought by Christianity had completely permeated the people’s lives and style of living.

So, when the mentors, the advocates of Christian ways of life, now turned around to sell a new deed that was strange to the earlier doctrine they were imbued with, deeds that incurred the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, such as gay marriage, lesbianism, transgender that were not found in the religious dictionary of Christianity, but now advocated by Pope Francis as the new symbols of liberation and freedom, the African bishops had no option, but to say ‘No’. This was fouling the atmosphere of decency and piety as instructed by the Holy Bible. They could not reconcile the belief in God’s ways of life that had been earlier sold to them and the new agenda of the Pope directing Catholic Church priests to bless same-sex couples. It was, therefore, not a surprise that they said ‘No’ and embarked on a collision course with the Pope, who has emerged as the chief spokesperson of same-sex couple marriage and lesbianism. The Pope, in a display of what could be described as an accommodative large-heartedness, advocated the blessing of a same-sex couple by Catholic Church priests.

This did not go down well with the bishops and priests who were indigenes of Africa. The bishops did not make any pretense about their belief that the Pope’s instruction was against the word of God in the Bible. They rose in unison and anger, saying that the Pope’s stance was nothing but a dagger to the church’s heart.  A repackaged paganism. With one voice, they opposed what they tagged a march to Sodom and Gomorrah. They reminded the Pope that it is heresy for any man of God to pray for a couple that is not a man and a woman in a holy union. And here is the spiritual and administrative head of the Catholic Church advocating what made God destroy the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. This is not only profane but a total absurdity.

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The biblical narrative said that Abraham had met the holy angels of God on their way to destroy a city, Sodom and Gomorrah, that was steeped in sins that were repugnant to what was holy and God’s ways. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were neck-deep in lesbianism and gay relationships as men shared anus sexual pleasure among themselves.

Abraham had interceded and pleaded that God should pity the sinners and allow them to repent. God said that if 10 percent of the city’s residents were found to be holy and in compliance with God’s instructions, the city would be spared. In the absence of such people, Abraham said he had family members in the city. Lot was the head of the family and Abraham pleaded that Lot and members of his family should be spared. God accepted the pleadings of Abraham and spared Lot’s family from the calamitous of being burnt to ashes. Members of Lot’s family were, however, under strict instruction not to look back as they were exiting the city. Lot’s wife, either out of folly or pig-headedness, did look back as the family members were exiting Sodom and Gomorrah and she instantly became a pillar of salt.

Most Christians, not to mention those who had undergone theological courses that qualified them to become priests, bishops, and men of God are all aware of this biblical story. Perhaps that was why the African bishops were shocked that the Pope had turned himself into a salesman of priests blessing same-sex couples, which was nothing other than what miffed God to incinerate Sodom and Gomorrah in the past.  Is it not, therefore, surprising that the Pope, who is the postal boy of religiosity, spirituality, and regent of God on earth has become the promoter of lesbianism and gay marriage?

The Catholic Church was the first church on earth. It came to life during the Roman Empire. It assumed as it were not only the religious and spiritual supremacy but also the political sovereignty of the Roman Empire. The orthodox churches, such as Methodist, and Anglican,  among others, came later after the protest of a German clergyman, Martin Luther. Pentecostal churches were to follow later, emerging from the crucible of the orthodox churches.


Earlier, the Anglican Church or the Church of England had come to Nigeria and perhaps Africa with the sugar-coated tongue selling gay marriage, lesbianism, bisexual, and transgender agenda to the continent. The salesmen, however, met a brick wall as the Anglican Church clergy in Nigeria said no. This was one of the reasons that gave birth to a change of name and the Church of Nigeria came to life. The Church of England came to Nigeria on the wings of the British colonialism expedition.

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It was in between the deliberate moves of the two churches, the Catholic and Anglican to ram gay marriage, and lesbianism into African minds that the political version tagged: the European Union-Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific Countries partnership agreement came. The promoters brought with them tempting subsidies and subventions that were not easy to shun. They were, however, surprised that country after country in Africa said no. That was before the clergymen voiced their opposition to the agenda. They said capital’ No’. The clergymen were not alone in this. It’s on record that former President Goodluck Jonathan and many other political leaders in Africa refused to sign what could rightly be tagged a devilish pact.

What put off African clergymen and, of course, governments in the continent were the immediate implication of the pact for any country or association that signed it. First, the policy of the pact would usurp the primary position of the country’s constitution on related issues. In other words, the pact becomes superior to the constitutions of the countries that signed it.

If the pact on transgender, gay marriage, and lesbianism had been ratified by African countries, it would have been a giant step on the path of promoters of the agenda of the New World Order and their resolve to remove the idea of God in the minds of people.

In 1800, a document tagged: The Protocol of Elders of Zion hit the public in Britain. Its major thrust was the promotion of science above God. Most of the promoters, who were members of the Lunar Society, were products of Edinburgh University. They were not only against the monarchies but were also spearheading the promotion of the removal of God’s ideas from people’s minds. Charles Darwin, that popular scientist, was the leading personnel of the Lunar Society’s cause for science. They believed that science was the new champion for solving human problems and overcoming their challenges. If people, who believed in the power of knowledge and science were shouting and singing its praise from the rooftops, it’s an embarrassment, of the highest order, for the clergy to join in the eulogy of science and the relegation of God to the background in the affairs of men.

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The New World Order is premised on the belief that freedom should not be compromised. Every person is free to live the kind of life that appeals to him or her. Provided, he or she does not encroach on another person’s right and freedom. No obstacle should be allowed to hinder people’s enjoyment of freedom. Fueled by pragmatism, the advocates insisted that people should live as they wish. Gods or religious injunctions should not be allowed to hinder their freedom. They resolved that dogmatism that hangs everything about life on fate should be kept at bay. Observers have, however, attributed the new quest for rejection of dogmatism to the gift of the sixth sense. The ability of man to engage in abstract thinking and dwell in the realm of imagination, thus indulging in speculation that sometimes has no solid structure in reality could be vague, spelling disaster for the speculators.

On this note, Pope Francis, who was shocked that the clergymen in Africa revolted and outright rejected his direction on blessing same-sex couples, fingered the preponderance of African culture for their uncompromising stance on same-sex couples.

To Africans, only man-and-woman should be husband and wife. Same-sex as advocated by the pope, to them is not in compliance with God’s order. That is why it must not be touched with a 40-meter pole.


Source: The NATION

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