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‘If you shut down Okunerere’s Ministry, demons he cast will follow you’, Fr Mbaka warns



Evil people plotting attack against me in 2024 - Fr. Mbaka
• Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, founder Adoration Ministry Enugu
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• Advises Fr. Obayi not to leave Catholic Church

Describing Fr Obayi as a soul-winner performing his Divine assignment, Mbaka said having done so well in winning souls for God, he (Obayi) should not be messed up.
The face-off between the Bishop Rt. Rev Godfrey Onah and his priest, Rev Fr Paul Obayi, (Okunerere), which was blown open last week, has brought serious division in the Church.Obayi, the Spiritual Director of the Okunerere Adoration Ministry, Nsukka who runs a similar prayer ministry like Mbaka, had raised the alarm that the church authority in the Diocese was oppressing him.

He alleged that he gave everything to the church, yet the church wanted to strangle him.

“The church is my vineyard, I love the church, I love my Nsukka (Catholic) church, I love the bishop, I love the priests, I love them, but they are oppressing me.

“I give everything to the church, yet the church wants to strangle me. But it can’t happen!

“Since the church doesn’t want me again, I am leaving the Catholic Church any moment from now,” he said.

He alleged that some priests, who claimed to be acting on the order of the Bishop, broke the entrance gate to the Adoration Ministry.

His outcry has remained subject of controversy on social media, with people taking various positions.

Speaking on the development Mbaka warned those oppressing Obayi to desist or face the consequences of their actions, which he termed ‘sin against the Holy Spirit’.


The fiery cleric, who said his fellow priests always abandoned him whenever he faced similar oppression, noted that he would always stand out.

He demanded that Obayi should be shielded from what he described as ”attacks and forces of darkness, whims and caprices of hawks, vultures and serpents”.

Mbaka said, ”When you have not verified what a man of God is doing, you begin to blackmail and misinterpret it.

“Has anyone given you people an assignment? Know when you have crossed the boundary. Are you God? Why are you an impostor?’

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”If you people shut down Okunerere adoration ministry, the demons he cast will follow you people. I want the world to hear this voice. These are the children given to me; I am their senior brother.”

According to the cleric, ”We need more soul-winners like Father Okunerere. You beat a child and asked him not to cry. Who are you? God ordained all that you are. And if you take the authority God gave you to oppress his messenger, heaven will take away what it has bestowed on you. You better repent”.

Mbaka lamented that many other priests were in anguish and bleeding over the treatment meted out on them by church leaders.

He said many left the seminary burning for God, but the fire was always regrettably extinguished once they were ordained priests.


He declared: ”I am talking to Nsukka people. I am not talking to any individual. Nsukka, as a people, if you keep quiet and Father Obayi is nowhere to be found, before such a good thing like him comes to you people, those who will die because of it would be many. I know that what I have spoken will raise so much dust.

”Father Obayi may not be the best, but he’s good. He has done so well in winning souls to God. He should not be messed up. Those who should shield this young man from attacks and forces of darkness should not pass him to the whims and caprices of hawks, vultures and serpents.

”Father Obayi should not be exposed to predators. The chief shepherd of that diocese should protect that young man. Obayi should not be compensated with sorrow and should not be handed over a dead child.

”But I will warn my brother priest not to be tempted into leaving the priesthood. Let him be courageous, let him be steadfast, let him be resolute. His labours will never be in vain.

”I have been trying to get him through the phone, but I have not. I saw the thing on social media, so I am replying through social media. Jesus in the Eucharist is the one you should look to. He will keep you, Father. He will shield you from the valleys of shadows of death. He will preserve you.

“Don’t forget you have dealt tortuously with many demons, so they cannot leave you unharassed. The devil can use many people to attack you back.

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”Those who are doing these things to Obayi should know he is not supposed to cry for you people. The good thing that came to Nsukka. The people of Nsukka, you kept quiet? Are you people saying it does not concern you? There is someone you lose, and heaven’s wrath and anger will be upon you when you can no longer find him.

“Do you people even know what’s happening to you people? Nsukka people, be vigilant!


”Galatians 6:17 says, ‘’Henceforth, let no one trouble me. I bear in my body the wounds of Jesus’. Don’t trouble Fr Obayi anymore; allow him to concentrate, focus, dedicate himself to the work of God, and be used as a deliverer, as a healer. Allow him to sacrifice himself – he has been sacrificing.

”I know Father Paul so deeply. If there is a place where he is falling short, let him be corrected. But he has done well in many areas. And the people of God love him. Let nobody be jealous of him. You cannot do what he’s doing.

”If such a man could leave the occult world and come into Christianity, and he would be bullied in his Christian family, where would he now run to? The Bible says the foundation, once destroyed, what shall the just man do? (Psalm 11:3). Because the sceptre of the wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the just. Otherwise, the just will be forced to put a hand in evil.

”Those who brought poverty and hardships in the land, nobody has done anything to them. Nobody has done anything to the wicked ones in the society. Meanwhile, the messenger of God has been made to cry in the house of God for nothing.

”It is easy to attack me, and I will endure, but you cannot attack a fellow prophet, and I will be silent. Listen, whoever is doing this thing to Obayi, he should not cry for you people again.

”You know, during my trying time, many priests kept silent. It is not so now. I am speaking under the mandate of the Holy Spirit. Stop bullying men of God.

”Why do you people hate those who can pray? Why do you hate those who are anointed in a charismatic way? Where do you belong? Nsukka, are you people silent? Let nothing happen to Father Paul. Every town would not be dumb. The Catholic Church is not a dumb church.

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“He should be encouraged. He needs our prayers and support. He needs our love. He is a real man of God. Where he did not do well, he should be corrected but should not be caused to be bleeding in the church.


”The Catholic Church is passing through a tsunami. We are losing our members in millions to Pentecostals and gifted priests who will become magnets to pull the snatched-away members back, taken away by idol worshippers; many have gone into cultism and occultism, and we are losing our members; many have no leadership trust in the leadership of the church anymore, I am talking about the reality; instead of planning on soul-winning and proper evangelization.

”If you people shut down Okunerere adoration ministry, the demons he cast will follow you people. I want the world to hear this voice.

”What is the problem? You are free to misunderstand me when you hear this, but heaven will dismay you if you exceed your boundaries. I don’t want to know who you are. Evil is nothing but evil. You people should stop killing the church. We need soul-winners like Father Okunerere, more of that.

”Not just Father Okunerere, there are other priests who are in anguish and lamentation. A Rev. father does not marry and has no child. So, we need prayers for our priests.

”In the future, the Catholic Church in Nigeria will begin to look for people like those that they are killing now, but it will be difficult to get them.

“Beware, Jesus said that every sin could be forgiven, except the sin against the Holy Spirit.

“When you have not verified what a man of God is doing, you begin to blackmail it and misinterpret it. Has anyone given you people an assignment? Know when you have crossed the boundary. Are you God? Why are you an impostor?

”Let me stop here because I know these things I have said will raise many other issues. You can come out if you have the strength.”

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70 per cent of pastors in Nigeria are poor — Cleric



70 per cent of pastors in Nigeria are poor — Cleric
 •Pastor Gideon Odoma
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In a striking revelation, Nigerian preacher Gideon Odoma has claimed that at least 70% of pastors in Nigeria live in poverty.

He highlighted that thousands of pastors receive monthly salaries of less than N60,000, challenging the widespread belief that pastoring is a lucrative profession in the country.

Odoma shared his observations on his official X page, emphasising that the public’s perception is skewed by the visibility of prominent Pentecostal pastors and denominations.

He expressed his frustration with this misconception, pointing out that the financial struggles of most pastors go unnoticed.

“At least, 70% of pastors in Nigeria are poor. And that’s me being conservative,” Odoma wrote.

He continued, “Many people think that the popular Pentecostal MoGs (Men of God) and denominations are representative of reality. No. They are not. Do you know how much pastors of QIC, EYN, ECWA, NKST, UEC, COCIN, etc., are paid monthly? You won’t believe it if I told you.”

“There are thousands, you heard right, thousands of pastors who are paid less than 60,000 Naira monthly.

“Sometimes, when a pastor is posted to a new station, the station renegotiates his salary downwards, like: “Sir, we know you’re on 60k, based on the church’s payment schedule, but our assembly is struggling financially, so what we can afford is 35k monthly.”

“I know a case where a pastor refused the reduced offer, and he was replaced by a more ‘understanding’ pastor, while he was told to go home, till there was a church open and willing to pay him his due rate. He ended up waiting a full year before he was posted again. Man had to return to his village for a year.


“I happen to know something about how church denominations, the majority of them, operate. Most protestant churches in Nigeria are not Pentecostal, and even Pentecostalism (which has now become popular) does not pay huge salaries. Or tell, on average, what is the monthly salary of a senior Pastor in a Pentecostal church in Nigeria?

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“I am tired of hearing that “pastoring is a lucrative business in Nigeria.” Even as a generalization, it is not true, because the overwhelming majority of our pastors are poor.

“I could say more, but for now, I won’t… my phone battery is low, because a town hall different…”


At least, 70% of pastors in Nigeria are poor. And, that’s me being conservative.

Many people think that the popular Pentecostal MoGs and denominations are representative of reality. No. They are not. Do you know how much pastors of QIC, EYN, ECWA, NKST, UEC, COCIN, etc, are paid…

—    Gideon Odoma (@gideonodoma) June 4, 2024

(Nigerian Tribune)

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Pastor Jerry Eze, NSPPD convener gifts his musicians and singers 6 brand new cars (VIDEO)



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Pastor Jerry Eze, the founder of Streams of Joy International Ministry and convener of NSPPD movement, has brought tears of joy to the eyes of some of his devoted church members.

The clergyman has sparked reactions online after gifting his singers 6 cars with many commending the gesture.

In a clip which surfaced online, six members of his worship team in the NSPPD movement were rewarded with new cars.

The cars were parked under a tree and their documents neatly kept in brown envelopes and placed on each of the cars.

The people who were gifted the automobile were so happy that they showed their appreciation.

The singers were seen shedding tears of joy after they were handed the keys to the brnad new cars in the church’s compound.

The action of Pastor Jerry Eze has attracted diverse reactions from social media users and Christians from different places.

Watch Video below:


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I remain Dunamis member – Vera Anyim speaks after meeting Pastors Paul, Becky Enenche



I remain Dunamis member – Vera Anyim speaks after meeting Pastors Paul, Becky Enenche
Pastor Becky Enenche, Ms Veronica Anyim and Pastor Dr Paul Enenche
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Veronica Anyim, the lady accused of lying after testifying about being a “BSc graduate of law” from the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN on Monday, met the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, Dr Paul Enenche and his wife, Becky Enenche.

Anyim, who claimed during a Sunday live service that she graduated from NOUN after ten years of studying Law, was accused by Pastor Enenche of lying.

A video clip making the rounds on social media revealed how the senior pastor interrupted her testimony, saying she lied by claiming she had a BSc in law.

The Internet has been flooded with reactions from concerned Nigerians who asked the pastor to tender apology to Vera.

The church has since apologized, saying the development was not intentional.

Shortly after the apology emerged, Vera took to her Facebook page to share photos of herself, Pastor Enenche and his wife.

Vera said she has no grudges against the pastor and the church, stressing that she remains committed to “serving God as a member of Dunamis church”.

The post reads, “I want to inform the whole world that I just had a warm meeting with my spiritual father and mother dr Paul Enenche and dr Becky Enenche.


“I don’t have any grudge against the church or them I remain committed to serving God as a member of Dunamis church.

“I am thankful for the concern of the public. I have put the situation at my back and I have moved forward and I want everybody to do the same. Peace.”

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